Experienced back-end Java developer (EN)

  • Paris
  • Il y a 5 jours

Experienced back-end Java developer (EN)

  • Paris

Road book

Back-end Java developer for at least 3 years, you are interested in Finance and you are always looking for new challenges. If this sounds like you, stay with us !

We offer various possibilities thanks to our numerous referencing ! We favor innovative environment organised with an Agile methodology and the DevOps philosophy.


Potential situations in missions :


1st situation : The project concerns a client repository. It allows you to manage third-party regulatory data (KYC, Mifid, Fatca, etc.). The scope of intervention includes participation in the various activities throughout the lifecycle of KYC deliverable functionalities. Participation in technological choices as well as in the design of the solution.

Tasks :

  • Working on a migration project from HBase to MongoDB (Robo3T, Spring Batch, Apache Solr, SQL packages)
  • Develop stress tests to assess the processing capacity of our APIs after migration (setting up and configuring JMeter and analyzing reports)
  • Perform a technical proof of concept for the “Data Lake Retrofeeding” project (Oauth 2, Spring Integration, RabbitMQ, EhCache, PL/SQL packages, REST WS)
  • Technical environment: Java, SOAP, REST, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, Jenkins, Scrum

Technical environment : Java, SOAP, REST, Spring Boot, Spring AOP, Jenkins, Scrum


2nd situation : A ten people project (Developers and BA) in charge of a dozen applications for traders. Caution, high technical level required facing a demanding environment in terms of performance and real time (to the nearest millisecond).

Technical environment : Java, multithreading, Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse SWT, VueJS, JUnit, Maven, Jenkins, Git, Kanban



Skills and personality

Skills and personality :

  • You have completed a scientific training of 5 years or more or an engineering school
  • You have strong abstraction skills and a secret weapon: The algorithm
  • You care to use innovative frameworks such as Spring
  • You have an appetite for Clean Code methodologies
  • Time matters to you and you like to save precious  microseconds of processing time with multithreading
  • You work in demanding technical and professional situations
  • You speak English fluently and you want to be immersed in an international environment
  • You would like to learn more about the financial world
  • You seek continuous learning and new programming language like Python does not scare you
  • You like finding new treasures on Github

Our commitment to disability means guaranteeing equal opportunities from the moment of recruitment. With equal skills, our positions are open to people with disabilities.


Sébastien, Directeur de la BL Technology


Administrative :

  • 100% mutual reimbursment
  • 8 to 12 extra days-off per year
  • Possibility of teleworking according to the mission


  • Opportunity to engage with our partner Vendredi
  • Gift voucher Hello CSE + access to the platform
  • ClassPass access (50% off)

Other :

  • Event tech : DevOxx, Socrates, Fosdem…
  • Afterwork on our private Rooftop
  • Co-optation bonus
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  • O’Reilly E-learning platform : Open to every consultant who wants or needs to improve himself.
  • Certification : As soon as you arrive, you can be assisted on the preparation of one or more certifications such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Java, Python, Spark, Kubernetes …
  • Workshop & training : You have the possibility to join in different technical or methodological workshop and various training. Love hosting ? You can build your own workshop with the help of a TechLead !
  • Mentoring : Support from a TechLeads team (SkillsCenter) on all of those topics.
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