Front Office Developer and Support – Consultant position W/M (EN)

  • O’Reilly E-learning platform : Open to every consultant who wants or needs to improve himself.
  • Certification : As soon as you arrive, you can be assisted on the preparation of one or more certifications such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Java, Python, Spark, Kubernetes …
  • Workshop & training : You have the possibility to join in different technical or methodological workshop and various training. Love hosting ? You can build your own workshop with the help of a TechLead !
  • Mentoring : Support from a TechLeads team (SkillsCenter) on all of those topics.

Front Office Developer and Support – VIE Position (12 months)


Created in 2007, Antaes is a Swiss management and technology consulting company ranked in the top 10 consulting companies in Switzerland. We have more than 300 experienced engineers who share our passion.

Present in Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and France, we support our and international clients by intervening in the following areas:

  • Organization and transformation consulting
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information system management