Tech Lead Java (EN)

  • Paris
  • Il y a 6 jours

Tech Lead Java (EN)

  • Paris

Road book

Tech Lead Java or an experienced Java developer for at least 6 years, If this sounds like you, stay with us !

We offer various possibilities thanks to our numerous referencing ! We favor innovative environment organised with an Agile methodology and the DevOps philosophy.

Potential situations in missions


Situation 1 : Within a large finance account, you will lead a team of 8 people whose main mission is the transfer of data from a calculator frame of repository

Technical environment : Java, Webservices Soap, HDFS, Hive, Hbase


Situation 2 : Lead of a team of 8 people on a project from scratch concerning the financial analyzes of VAR, PNL and convergence, through olap in memory cubes. Sharing information with 4 other tech leads on the project.

Technical environment : Java, ActivePivot, Spring, Tibco, Sonar, Maven, Jenkins, Git, Gatling


Situation 3 : Lead of a team carrying out a POC to test the capabilities of the Hadoop platform for storing and querying historical and sensitive data. Choice of technical solutions for the creation of a new BigData application.

Technical environment: Java, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Parquet, Maven, Git


Situation 4 : Lead of a team whose mission is to manage all KYC-related master data using various APIs and user interfaces. Data from different sources is provided through APIs to manage A2D calculations, used for business transactions.

Technical environment : Java, Web Services, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Hibernate, GWT, SQL, PL/SQL, Datalake (Hbase, Solr), MongoDB, Rabbit MQ



Skills and personality

  • You possess an appetite for the Software Craftsmanship culture
  • You are always on top of the latest release
  • You have great communication skills and seek consensus
  • You are a true leader and know how to bring your team together
  • You like finding new treasures on Github
  • You work in demanding technical and professional situations
  • You have strong abstraction skills and a secret weapon: The algorithm
  • You speak English fluently and you want to be immersed in an international environment

Our commitment to disability means guaranteeing equal opportunities from the moment of recruitment. With equal skills, our positions are open to people with disabilities.


Sébastien, executive manager of the Technology BL


Administrative :

  • 100% mutual reimbursment
  • 8 to 12 extra days-off per year
  • Possibility of teleworking according to the mission


  • Opportunity to engage with our partner Vendredi
  • Gift voucher Hello CSE + access to the platform
  • ClassPass access (50% off)

Other :

  • Event tech : DevOxx, Socrates, Fosdem…
  • Afterwork on our private Rooftop
  • Co-optation bonus
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  • O’Reilly E-learning platform : Open to any consultant who wants or needs to improve himself.
  • Certification : As soon as you arrive, you can be assisted on the preparation of one or more certifications such as Azure, AWS, GCP, Java, Python, Spark, Kubernetes …
  • Workshop & training : You have the possibility to join in different technical or methodological workshop and various training. Love hosting ? You can build your own workshop with the help of a TechLead !
  • Mentoring : Support from a TechLeads team (SkillsCenter) on all of those topics.
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